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  • Captain Dickson's rant about being an Angry Black Man stereotype.
    • Pretty much everything he says is hysterical.
  • Schmidt's Delayed Reaction to getting stabbed during a fight.

"When did I get stabbed?"

  • The car chase which Lampshades the Every Car Is a Pinto trope throughly.
  • The coach getting his dick shot off and trying to pick it up with his teeth
  • Schmidt and Jenko getting high.
    • Or more importantly the screen cap for the last stage of "FUCK YEAH, MOTHERFUCKER!" to whomever is on the stuff.
  • After Schmidt and Jenko throw a wild house party at Schmidt's parents' house as part of their cover, Mrs. Schmidt completely freaks out at them; at one point during her rant, she states that "I used to party with Robert Downey, Jr.. before he got sober!"
  • Schmidt praying to Korean Jesus for help and getting yelled at by Dickson for wasting Korean Jesus' time.

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