21st Century Fox (webcomic)

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21st Century Fox by Scott Kellogg is a science-fiction Furry Comic that calls itself a "Romantic Comedy of the Future". Takes place in the year 2066, but every animal down to insects is sapient. Characters include Jack Black (no resemblance to the actor), a red fox and traveling robotics engineer; Cecil Stewart, a giraffe and Jack's partner in his travels; Jenny Curtis, a rocket scientist vixen who starts dating Jack (after getting over her abusive ex), and Barb Kendall and Beth Regina, giraffe programmers who are both enamored with Cecil (and now both married to him, see below). Has many, many shout outs. Also several cameos from other comics, most often Freefall, The Suburban Jungle, or Newshounds.

Tropes used in 21st Century Fox (webcomic) include:

Jack: (whispering) *PSST!* Cecil! All French Poodles have long eyelashes...!