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General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

24: Season Two: The Musical (Lyrics and Music by Jon and Al Kaplan)

  • Recommended by JMQwilleran
  • Synopsis: Fan-made musical adaptation based on key events from the second season of 24. Includes a music video of "Bring It On," based on Kim Bauer's plotline with emphasis on the infamous "trapped in the woods with a cougar" incident.
  • Comments: Obviously 24 would never do a musical, but if you've ever wondered (or haven't) what one might be like, here it is. An entertaining fan production merging actual music from the series with original lyrics commemorating the program's second season.

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

Fusion by Leigh57

  • Recommended by Across The Stars
  • Pairing: Jack/Renee
  • Synopsis: Post-Season 7, Jack and Renee try to define what's happening between them.
  • Comments: This fanfic is beyond brilliant. They're perfectly in character, and the emotional (and sexual) tension between them is palpable. Easily the best Jack/Renee fic this troper has ever read. Smut warning, but damn me if it isn't wonderful smut...

Sutures by Leigh57

  • Recommended by Across The Stars
  • Pairing: Jack/Renee
  • Synopsis: Post-Season 7, Renee learns to live with the trauma of the day that rearranged her life.
  • Comments: It's more from my favorite 24 author! As usual, she nails the characters down to the last adorable quirk.