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Yes, 24 can be funny.

  • Marika and her sister Rosa are having a heated argument about Marika's boyfriend Samuel. Then Jack and Renee smash their way in with guns. The look of astonishment on the girls' faces is priceless.
  • Watching two not-very-bright characters trying to rob a warehouse with assistance from a Voice with an Internet Connection is hilarious. They start to panic when the codes don't open the door, only to find out they were at the wrong door. "3101. This is 3110." Cue the most impatient and priceless "OMG you idiots" expression from Dana Walsh.
  • This scene is legendary. Jack and George Mason are, quite literally, out in the field. Jack, with Mason behind him, dramatically climbs and leaps over a fence. Mason slowly walks forward and nudges the fence slightly, allowing him to smoothly step past it. The look Mason gives Jack afterwards is absolutely priceless.
  • Ira Gaines had a couple:

Gaines: Bury your friend.
Rick: Where?
Gaines: In the ground!

  • At the end of Day 2, after spending the whole day pissing on everyone's chips, outright supporting the warmongering in Washington, arresting Tony and Michelle and generally being an arse, Ryan Chappelle is sitting at Tony's desk after Jack, Tony and Michelle's efforts have saved the day:

Chappelle: Tony, that was District Director Vaughn. He's so happy with what we did here today, he doesn't know where to start.

Tony: That's great.

Chappelle: So... what's up, my friend?

Tony: Well, uhh... it's like this. Either fire me, or get out of my chair.

  • In season 8, when a cocky Charles Logan spots a renegade Jack Bauer, armed with an assault rifle and wearing a body suit (complete with blast shield face mask and kevlar). Logan's 'oh shit!!!!' expression said it all, but his exasperated cries of "IT'S JACK BAUER!" made an already amusing (and completely badass) moment downright hilarious.
    • That was quite possibly one of the greatest moments in 24. Logan nearly in tears was just the icing on the cake!
  • Season 5, Chloe tasers a guy trying to hit on her while she helps Jack from a hotel bar. Later, when the guy starts to wake up, Chloe tasers him again while barely looking away from her computer.
  • Season 5, Myles suspects Chloe of stopping the satellite feed (Correctly), so he corners her coming out of the bathroom:

Myles: "What were you doing?"
Chloe: "Are you kidding? If you really want the details I'll write you a report."

    • Chloe reaming out Kim's shrink:

This is a dangerous situation. Tempers are high. So everybody just breathe.
What is with you and breathing? Is that your solution for everything?

  • Season 7, The first gentleman, Henry Taylor gets drugged and can't speak properly and says...

"You killed my son, you killed RRRoger!"

  • Possibly the best part of Season 6 are all the awkward, disbelieving, if-you-weren't-my-boss-I-would-be-facepalming-so-hard facial expressions Tom Lennox makes in regard to Vice President Daniels' affair with his assistant. Especially his reaction to having to watch Lisa get it on with her other lover for about 40 minutes.
    • "And...finally, we're done."
  • Season 3, pretty much the entirety of Tony's interaction with Nina in the interrogation room, starting with Nina's attempted Hannibal Lecture, climaxing at the revelation that her pulse notably spiked when Tony told her that the medical records of the man they were looking for, who she had claimed she'd never actually met in person, showed that he had been treated for HIV, and ending with her calmly answering one of Tony's questions by informing him that his neck has started bleeding again.
  • Season 7, episode 11/12: Jack is in the middle of interrogating a government official who's working for the terrorists, when the president calls and, despite his efforts to justify his actions, she orders him to stand down. Jack's responds by tasering the phone.
  • Shari from season 5 suspecting Buchanan of inappropriate conduct:

Did you see the way his hand brushed against my shoulder as he walked away? That's wrong. He shouldn't have done that.

  • Season 4, Jack and Audrey have to lay low for awhile at Tony's place, and they can't have anyone who knows that they're there leave the house, so Tony's new girlfriend gets detained when she has to go to work. Jack's usual methods of dealing with people aren't working so well, so Audrey tries to talk things out, girl to girl.

Audrey: Your boss will have to understand.
Jen: And what if he doesn't?
Audrey: I can have him killed.

  • The dialogue between Karen Hayes and Tom Lennox in season six after he's been held captive for a while.

Karen: What happened Tom? Did you fall down the stairs?
Tom: No Karen. I tripped on your ineptitude.

  • In season four:

Powell: Who are you guys? Police? FBI?
Tony: Actually, I'm currently unemployed.

Nina: He is gonna put a bullet in my head before I can say hello and then he's gonna turn the gun on himself.
Jack: We'll make sure he doesn't turn the gun on himself.

  • Chloe offers to talk with Jack about anything he needs to. Jack reacts with a look of pure horror.
  • Season 4: CTU has apprehended a suspect connected with the terrorist plot of that season. The terrorists find out about this and call "Amnesty Global" to delay the interrogation so their plot can happen. Jack Bauer's reaction when he finds out from his boss, Bill Buchanan, about all this is priceless. Especially Buchanan's response to Bauer storming away.

Buchanan: Ah, Jack! Don't make it worse!

  • Season 4: Mandy getting punched in the face. It's a combination of the framing of the shot (namely the entering of Curtis Manning's fist) and Mia Kirschner's facial expression.
  • Season 7: The FBI has tracked down a suspect whom they inform Jack is ex-SAS. Jack Bauer says with complete focus "Does he have a family?". Everyone in the room shoots him a look that's a combination of "You wouldn't" and "Oh God, he will.". Jack then calmly says that he's ex-Special Forces so he won't break unless they target his family. It's a morbid scene but the look everyone gives Jack Bauer is priceless.