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  • Your Mileage May Vary, but before he kicks the messenger into the pit, Leonidas looks to his wife for a sign. She nods, approving what he is about to do. It may not seem like much, but think about it. This is a great, barbaric king, and quite possibly the scariest man in the world...and he looks to his wife for approval. This troper can't help but smile a little there, despite what the movie is about.
  • This interaction between Leonidas and Gorgo. So much unsaid, but understood by both.

Leonidas:"Yes, my lady?"
Gorgo:"Come back with your shield, or on it."
Leonidas:"Yes, my lady."

  • After the death of Astinos, Leonidas come to Captain Artemis and says "My heart is broken for your loss." In the midst of the fighting, Leonidas lowers his walls a little to tell his friend that he is sorry for his son's death.

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