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  • Dwayne's plan to blackmail a random lady.

First, let's tape us having sex with her. Then let's get all the neighborhood kids to come over and jack off all over her face!

  • The scene in the bank where the mother throws a gun, and it accidentally goes off and shoots a guy in the knee

Mother: Oh I'm sorry!

  • "Shit just got real, slumdog".
  • The whole bank robbery scene.
  • "'What's that Mr.Bear? What do you mean you couldn't rob the bank?' (presses button) (BOOM) I liked that bear. I don't even know you."
  • Dwayne and Travis watching Friday the 13th, especially when The Major walks in.
  • The following:

Nick: If I don't get them their money in time this thing is gonna blow!
Chet: So your first thought was to come to a school filled with young children!?

  • Travis demonstrating his kicks, flailing around like a retard while in a monkey mask.
  • Dwayne attempts to cut their losses by blowing up Nick -- only to find that Travis switched the detonation code with the phone number for Movie Phone.
  • This exchange when Nick learns the deactivation code for the bomb:

Dwayne: The code is 6. 9. 6. 9. 6. 9.
Nick: You've got to be kidding me.
Dwayne: Don't judge. It's my favorite sexual position.

  • The Chekhovs Gag at the end where Chet figures out that the money was booby trapped.
  • Chet, while he is spray painting the guns:

Painting the guns,
Painting the guns,
for the bank robbery
cause we're going in with plastic guns
and the cops will shoot us in our face.

  • "You just brought a gun to a bomb fight officer!"
    • cop runs away like a little girl
  • Just about everything with Sandra.
  • The whole "That's what she said" Brick Joke.
  • Nick and Chongo's initial interaction, where Nick is trying to get the deactivation code, and Chango has no idea what he's talking about.
  • Travis comment near the end when Dwayne has a red light on his forehead

Chet: (reads in a nasally voice) "Hey Steve, what time you watching the UFC tonight, bro? By the way, you think Lisa will go out with me?" (class starts laughing) Whoa! Lisa over there? No way, man, she's laughing in your face!