3:10 to Yuma/Characters

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Ben Wade

Played By: Russell Crowe
"Kid, I wouldn't last five minutes leading an outfit like that if I wasn't as rotten as hell."

Dan Evans

Played By: Christian Bale
"I've been standin' on one leg for three damn years waitin' for God to do me a favor...and he ain't listenin'."

William Evans

Played By: Logan Lerman
"I ain't ever walking in your shoes."

Charlie Prince

Played By: Ben Foster
"Name's Charlie Prince. I expect you heard of me."

Byron McElroy

Played By: Peter Fonda
"Won't change a thing, lettin' me live. I'll come for you."

Grayson Butterfield

Played By: Dallas Roberts
"The Southern Pacific will have Ben Wade convicted in a federal court. Hanged in public. An example made. And we will pay to make it happen."

Doc Potter

Played By: Alan Tudyk
"It's nice to have a conversation with a patient for a change."

Alice Evans

Played By: Gretchen Mol
"If it's alright by you Mr Wade, I'd rather we not talk."

Mark Evans

Played By: Benjamin Petry


Played By: Kevin Durand
"You have a week, Evans. Then we burn the house."

Glen Hollander

Played By: Lennie Loftin
"Railroad's coming, Dan. Your land's worth more with you off it."