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  • Idiotic surfer villain is holding up a convenience store at gunpoint:

"Now open up that cash register, 'fore I have to get nasty. (Beeper goes off) Excuse me, sir? Could we please use your telephone?"

  • When the henchmen take the kids from their house, Colt tries to aim a kick at Toru Tanaka's stomach, only to have his leg caught and end up hanging upside down by his ankle.

"Would you like me to drive?"

Colt: Rocky, these ninjas have guns.
Rocky: Hey, if they have guns, they're no ninjas.
Colt: Yeah, and if they fire off the guns anyway the police'll hear.
Tum Tum: Oh, that's reassuring.

  • The boys trick the surfer dudes into drinking a soda filled with laxative.

Tum Tum: (pretending to drink) Hmm this stuff is good!
Hammer: Give me that!