3rd Super Robot Wars/YMMV

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  • Disc One Nuke: A couple.
    • Getter Robo. In any level that isn't space, Getter 3's Daisetsusan Oroshi, once you get it, will annihilate anything. Plus, you have three seishin sets, giving you access to pretty much all of them except Love.
  • Game Breaker: Several. Granted, you'll need to abuse them since this game is Nintendo Hard.
    • Nu Gundam. Once Amuro picks this thing up, he'll be able to dodge like a demon, plus snipe with his 1200 power Fin Funnel from 9 squares away, up to twice per turn once his level gets into the mid or upper 30's.
    • Daitarn 3. High HP and armor, and its Sun Attack is the strongest attack you'll have for quite some time, if not period. Its only weakness is that Banjou never gets Accel...