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  • In New York, the evil blonde dude is chasing Cas. They get interrupted by a woman, who he rudely dismisses. Cue most of the cars and alleys relinquishing men she calls her cousins, who are gonna teach him some manners. the funny part is, as Cas is walking away, you hear him protest "I voted for Obama!"
  • When Cas is walking away from the delivery man in the hotel he yells Don't get fucked in the ass! An elderly woman gasps and tells her husband "I told you we should have gone to France!]]
  • Cas's dad asking her to buy her mother a soul.
  • Kerrys promising to be good ... next week.
  • The driving instructor telling her to "talk to Jesus!"
  • Kerrys whacking her brother in the area and then the head with the car door.
  • "Boobs are mistakes or stupid people. These are breasts. They're for feeding babies!"
  • Kerrys's dad asks her to change into a different shirt because the one she's wearing is see-through. So she changes into a different one:

"What is Vagitarian?"