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  • Dude, Not Funny: Many people's reactions to this movie when they realize Nicole rapes Matt to win a bet. And yet no one in the movie reacts with horror or outrage. Interesting.
  • Unfortunate Implications: This film is either some form of satire about abstinence or is the most sexist, anti-abstinence/celibacy film ever. It implies that it is unnatural for a man to abstain from sex in order to discover himself and that he should be ridiculed, mocked, and punished for even thinking about doing so.
    • Or to put it another way: would this film have been tolerated if all the characters were genderswapped?
    • If the film is trying to say that relationships could be better with less of a focus on sex, why does it end with the protagonist and his love interest having a marathon sex session?
    • The film portrays 40 days without sex or masturbation as a horrible ordeal. There are many people (religious and otherwise) who go years or even their whole lives without either.
      • Although, as someone noted as a sex addict, this is really no different from portraying someone stopping using cocaine as a horrible ordeal when many people go their whole life without cocaine.