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4 Geeks 4e is a podcast launched in July 2010. The show is, as you might expect, about four geeks talking about 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. The show has no set schedule, though it has (thus far) averaged one show every 10 days or so. Although the show tries to be and generally is about general D&D talk, so far the shows have been aimed a little more at Dungeon Masters than at players.

The hosts are:

  • DMSamuel aka Sam - The oldest and most experienced gamer and DM in the group.
  • Sarah Darkmagic aka Tracy - Relatively new to D&D and 4th Edition, but still one of the most well known and popular D&D bloggers and Twitter posters.
  • ThadeousC aka Thadeous - Another fairly new DM and player, who makes up for inexperience with enthusiasm and energy. And alcohol.
  • WolfSamurai aka Aaron - Another very experienced player and DM.
Tropes used in 4 Geeks 4e include:

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