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Four Swords Misadventures is a Flash animation made by Hitthefloor729. The story is an abridged version of The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures.

Princess Zelda's been kidnapped...again, and it's up to the four Links to save her. However, things don't go as planned...

It originally premiered on Newgrounds.

Tropes used in 4 Swords Misadventures include:

Blue Link: So how did you fall down?
Green Link: I um, had a close encounter with a wall master. I dodged his attack but, uh, I ended up falling down.
(Red, Blue, and Purple Link see through his lie)
Red Link: That's some excuse.

  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Red Link irritably remarks after taking the side of Purple Link that he sometimes wishes that he was in Uncle Alfon's shoes. Shortly thereafter, in order to save a severely injured Red's life after he foolishly attacked a Super Cucco, Green Link and the rest are forced to give him the magic milk, and he ends up filling Alfon's shoes nicely in terms of becoming a very drunk oaf.
  • Berserk Button: Never, EVER mention KFC around Cojiro. You ain't gonna live to regret it if you do.
    • Also, even if you are one of his allies/shards, don't ever state or even imply that you intend to rape Princess Zelda in front of Green Link, as Green Link ended up getting into a huge fight with Red after the latter, while drunk, stated that, in his words, "Screw the Money! I Want The Princess! *hic* I wanna F-(OBJECTION!!)"
      • And for Red Link, don't ever get in his way of having sex with Zelda, or tell him to shut up.
    • Purple Link does not like it when he is referred to as a newb.
  • Blood Knight: Red Link, again.
  • Brick Joke / Chekhov's Gun: Red Link threatens to "use [the Armos Boss'] butt as the next Pedestal of Time". A few episodes later, Dark Link inadvertantly wakes up a sleeping drunken Red Link, and at the end of the massive ass-kicking he gets exactly that.
    • In regards to the latter trope, it was also brutally subverted early on: Green Link managed to get a (broken) magic mirror, and he and his three other counterparts end up going through a lot of misadventures trying to get back to their reality (more specifically back to the entrance of the first dungeon). After warping back, Red decides to throw away the mirror because he thinks it will do them more harm than good, despite Green's insistence that he intended to get it fixed. Turns out, the magic mirror was, barring an extensive trading quest that, depending on the experience of the adventurer, would amount to a year or just a few weeks, the magic mirror was the only way to get to the Twilight Realm where Zelda is being held by Vaati. In other words, Red really should have just let Green take it to be fixed.
  • Butt Monkey: Red Link, as of Episode 4.
  • Chew Toy: Purple Link.
  • Chaotic GoodChaotic Stupid: Red Link.
  • Color Coded for Your Convenience
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Lots of them.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Blue Link.
  • Deliberately "Mistaken" for Gay: In the beginning of Episode 4, Red sided with Purple in regards to eating Cojiro (the super Cucco that Vaati gave them as an incredibly crude joke regarding them "loving cock"). After Green states the finality of finding someone to sell Cojiro to, Red irritably expresses his decision to side with Purple, leading to this hilarious exchange (which according to the commentary, was penned by Purple's voice actor):

Red Link: Geesh! For the first time in my life I actually stood on Captain Homo's side. It's times like these that I was in my uncle's shoes.
Purple Link: (shocked) Wait...did he just accuse me for being gay? H-HEY! WAIT UP!

  • Designated Heroes: The Four Links.
    • Well, Red Link anyway. He's the only one shown to be particularly violent, and he's been drunk for most of the series. The other three are varying levels of jerkass but still mostly heroic.
  • Did Not Do the Research: Hadouken Dude repeatedly have the characters say 'Dark Link' when is Four Swords Adventures his name is 'Shadow Link.'
  • Dragged Off to Hell: Sort of: After Dark Link was given a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown by an extremely drunk Red Link, an extremely angry Vaati opens a portal to the Twilight Realm and scolds Dark Link for both his tricking him into getting second degree burns from Zelda's powers in a failed attempt at interrogating her, and for a dining bill from Subrosia (It Makes Sense in Context), and has a Wallmaster drag him off to the Twilight Realm so Vaati can "discuss [Dark Link's] 'tactics' in private."
  • Driven to Suicide: Just barely averted in Episode 5, when a drunken Red Link, suffering from depression in regards to a combination of losing against the Super Cucco and his current drunkeness, was sobbing for Uncle Alfon to forgive him before attempting to fall down into a lake, presumably to commit suicide, only for Green Link to stop him, serving as the primary reason why Green Link has to stay behind.
  • Evil Counterpart: Dark Link.
  • Expy: The commentary for Episode 6 indicated that the King of Hyrule's character was based on Ozzy Osborne.
  • Fan Service: Lampshaded and averted by Zelda's transformation sequence into Shiek.
  • Frothy Mugs of Water: Apparently Chateau Romani has alcohol in it, seeing as both Uncle Alfon and Red Link get drunk after drinking it.
  • Funny Aneurysm Moment: See Gratuitous Japanese below.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: When (an extremely drunk) Red Link is severely beating up Dark Link for the latter waking him up abruptly, one of the things shown is Red Link saying "Hey, I learned this in a temple once... Hey, I take this and then I do this..." with Dark Link begging for him not to do so before giving an inhuman, anguished scream. The commentary stated it was a wedgie, but the way it was done, as well as Green, Blue, and Purple Link's horrified and disgusted expressions as well as the former's quip of "Dude, that was so wrong on so many levels..." made it seem as though Red was actually sodomizing Dark Link.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: The scene with "Japanese" Link and Zelda.
    • That scene was intended to be a joke, but Youtube couldn't allow it in, thus forcing the creator to spoil the joke by not only giving an exposition in big words stating that the translation had absolutely nothing to do with sex, but even went as far as to post a link to the actual translation in a special Youtube edition video of Episode 2.2
  • Hammerspace: A drunken and really PO-ed Red summons a hookshot out of nowhere and hook, line, and sinkers Dark Link. It's even lampshaded by Green and Blue:

Red: (reeling in Dark Link) Get over here!
Green: What the...? Where did he get the hookshot?
Blue: How should I know?

  • Hero-Killer: The Super-Saiyan Cucco: Well, kind of, Red actually survived, but was brutally beaten to a pulp, forcing the other Link's to give him the milk, with predictable results.
  • Heroic Bastard: Possibly Zelda, given that her father stated that Zelda was "an accident."
  • Hot-Blooded: Red Link.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the second part of the Broken Mirror arc, when trying to teleport back to the main entrance of the first dungeon, they briefly stumble into the first Legend of Zelda game, complete with the appropriate graphics, causing Red, Blue, and Purple Link to shout in unison "GOOD GOD, NO!" In the anniversary release of Four Swords, one of the levels for the Realm of Memories that the Links could play in is a level based on the first Zelda, down to the graphics.
  • Idiot Hero: Purple Link.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: "Dear Link, you love cock. Signed Vaati" Comes in the mail with a rooster. Naturally, Green Link's not exactly happy with that joke.
    • Also, in Episode 7, after Cojiro flees despite Purple ordering for him to attack Dark Link, Blue Link says "I'm afraid, he's chickened out on us." A Dark Link then Crosses the Line Twice by beating a drumset by going "bam bam, chang!"
  • Jerkass: Red Link. Blue Link, to an extent.
  • Karma Houdini: Vaati has yet to get his ass kicked.
    • Well, besides Zelda using Din's Fire on him when he attempts to have Octoroks rape/molest her if she doesn't tell him about the Links (and after Dark Link tricking him to do that in the first place, to boot).
  • Large Ham: Dark Link and Vati.
    • Red Link is this as well. Especially when he got drunk.
  • Mythology Gag: Subrosia is used as the Hyrulean equivalent of Hell, although the word "Hell" has been used on occasion as well.
    • How Green managed to defeat the Armos bosses was a reference to the Bremen Mask.
    • Red Link and Blue Link references the difficulty of the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time in Episode 3[1] (it's also done in a way that's similar to a Noodle Incident).
    • The dialogue from the Japanese versions of Link and Zelda in Episode 2.2 was taken directly from the A Link to the Past radio drama. On that note, Uncle Alfon's name was taken directly from the same radio drama as well.
    • The milk was implied to be alcoholic, an implication also made in Majora's Mask, the same game that it came from.
    • Dark Link remarks nostalgically that he wished that he was the main villain again, referring to his brief stint as the final boss in The Adventure of Link.
  • Naive Newcomer: Purple Link.
  • Neutral Good: Green Link.
  • Never Live It Down: The "Cock Boys" nickname in universe for the 4 Links.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: What happened to Dark Link when he woke up a sleeping drunk Red Link. Starts off with him getting pulled towards a very pissed off drunken Red Link, and ends with Red Link planting a Deku Stick up Dark Link's ass.
  • Noodle Incident: Red and Blue Link's reference to Ocarina of Time's Water Temple was written as such:

Red Link: Oh, please. You were as puzzled as you were the time when you were in the Lake Hylia Water Temple.
Green Link: I was not! You're such a liar!
Purple Link: I had a feeling this would happen...
Blue Link: Me too. I guess it was inevitable. Red is right though. The Water Temple was confusing.

    • Inverted in Episode 7. The events of Red's drunkenness saga ended with the audience aware of it, but Green tells Blue and Purple never to speak of the events again.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Green Link and Blue Link are the blue oni, to Red Link's red oni.
  • Royal Brat: Princess Zelda.
  • Only Sane Man: Green Link and sometimes, Blue Link.
  • Oh Crap: Green Link's reaction to Red's pickup sword line for Zelda that he (while drunk) tells her father the king.

Red Link: I'd like to show her my "Master Sword", if you know what I mean, huh? *hic*
(Green Link's face grows horrified as soon as Red Link says "my 'Master Sword.'")

  • The Other Darrin: Red Link and Vaati's voice actors ended up being replaced by the fourth episode.
    • Red Link's first voice actor is returning in episode 8. Blue Link's voice actor will be replaced with Red's second actor, because Blue Link's original actor has lost contact.
  • Schedule Slip: It's a flash animation and it's actually good. So yeah, no big surprise here. It should be note that episode 7.2 was released in 2010. Personal issues may be the cause (the author is very tight lipped about everything) but the point still stands.
  • Shout-Out: "We are the Knights Who Play...Wii!" Actually, this flash is loaded with them.
    • Lampshaded when Blue Link and Purple Link end up watching a Naruto rip-off conversation between Green Link and Red Link

Purple Link: The fans are gonna kill us!
Blue Link: Maybe if we don't make it too blatant...
Green Link: I'm gonna be a Hokage someday! ...Whatever that means. Believe it!
Blue Link: ...Nevermind, the fans are gonna kill us.

      • Speaking of Naruto, that particular scene was intended to be a Take That to the Naruto anime's overuse of filler, as Haidouken Dude, the creator of the series, has painful memories of havign to wait for something from Naruto that isn't filler.
    • Also, Indiana Jones made a cameo where he briefly speaks to the Links while running from a boulder, only to be squashed by a Thwomp. In the same scene, when they discover his barely alive body, this exchange is made:
  • Sorry I Left the BGM On: When Red Link goes through a self-pitying phase (while drunk, mind you), "Untitled" by Simple Plan plays as Green Link tries to comfort him, only to interrupt himself in order to tell Purple Link to cut off the music box.
  • Stupid Good: Purple Link.
  • Talking to Himself: In the original version of the first episode, all the characters were voiced by Haidouken Dude. In later episodes, the trope is played straight with Dark Link and Green Link.
  • The Smart Guy: Blue Link.
  • The Starscream: Dark Link to Vaati, as evidenced by his tricking Vaati into being inflicted with Din's Fire via Zelda in an attempt to interrogate her. Let's just say that Dark Link's going to have a huge punishment awaiting him after Vaati drags him back to the Twilight Realm.
  • The Stoic: Blue Link.
  • This Is Sparta: Dark Link pulls off a parody of this in Hyrulean context. It was also done to mock the overuse of the trope, as explained in the commentary, which also explains Zelda's line of "My gosh, that was so predictable."
  • Throw It In: Most of the lines and actions in the series were actually ad-libs and improvisions by the actors and creators.
  • UST
  • Vocal Evolution: Purple Link's voice has really improved over the series.
  • Who Writes This Crap?: Purple in episode 7, once the "filler time" starts ripping off Naruto.
  • Written-In Absence: Uncle Alfon's voice actor was unavailable for Episode 7, so the plot explained away his absence by stating that he left the house to get himself drunk at Kakariko Village's Milk Bar (an aspect that Blue Link implies is frequent)
  • You Monster!: Blue says this to Red and Purple when vote to actually eat Cojiro in Episode 4.
  • Zerg Rush: The Cucco stampede.
  1. At the time the episode was released, the 3DS, not to mention Ocarina of Time 3DS, which lessened the difficulty of the Water Temple by a substantial amount, had not been released yet.