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  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • Non-Singing Voice: Ring's image song, "Yuuki no Jidai" is sung by a duo called Saichi & Nao.
  • Talking To Herself:
    • Ring Mao with Shinji Ikari. Neon Genesis Evangelion debuted in F/F Final, and also appeared in Alpha.
    • Mina Likering with Noriko Takaya in F/F Final.
    • Hector Madison with Chang Wufei in F/F Final.
    • Although, exactly how much talking occurred between Rei and Patricia may have been very minimal.
    • Like the rest of the F/F Final originals, Grace debuted alongside another role of hers, Asuka Langley Soryu.
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Irm with Mashymere Cello in F/F Final only. Since Irm didn't get sent into the future with the rest of Londo Bell in Alpha Gaiden, he never got the chance to meet Jamil Neate.
      • Well, they do get a tiny window of time to meet each other towards the very tail end of the game, though they don't get to speak to each other that much outside of battle.
    • Arwynn Dorstein with Duo Maxwell in F/F Final.
  • Writer Revolt: The Mortar Headd LED Mirage from The Five Star Stories makes a cameo appearance in 4. The thing is, the machine wasn't supposed to be there, as game designers had it confused with a similar mecha from Heavy Metal L-Gaim. Reportedly, when informed of the mistake, Five Star Stories creator Mamoru Nagano was livid with rage, stating he will never, ever consent to Five Star Stories being in Super Robot Wars during his lifetime, because he doesn't like the idea of any of the Mortar Headds he meticulously designed being damaged and possibly defeated by mecha designed by another artist.