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Wasting your time, but not very much.

5 Second Films (or 5SF) is a website run by a group of actors and writers that regularly produce short films. These short films last exactly five seconds (8 seconds, if you count the title card and 'The End'. But don't pay attention to that). The subject of said films are almost completely random, with only a few subjects and characters referenced more than once.

In addition to the link above, they have a YouTube channel; useful, since it has some of their earlier videos that are no longer accessible on their main site.

Not to be confused with Five Second Movies.

5-Second Films provides examples of the following tropes:

"Will you: Lead the galactic rebellion, or Make a sandwich?"

Dufresne Sr.: RICHARDS! Did you kill my boy?
Richards: Yes - and I accept the consequences.
[Dufresne Sr. hurls a throwing knife into Richards' forehead]
Richards: ...Thank you.
[Collapses into his chair, still holding his cigar and whisky glass]

The Board of Highly Scientific Review & Science, as you can no doubt imagine, went on to publish several papers based on Dr. Firenzi’s findings, the most prominent of which were titled “Zhoo! Zhoo! Zhoo! And the Neurotechnological Capabilities Therein” by Dr. Sandoval, and “Pew, Pew: A Rebuffing of Dr. Sandoval’s Hasty Assertions,” by Dr. Gunn. Dr. Firenzi himself disappeared from the eye of the medical world and has yet to resurface, after several long years.

"Yes... finally... FINALLY!"

Doctor: "This man is going into shock. Quick, get him ten cc's of-"

"Thanks for calling 911, brought to you by Budweiser, the king of beers! And Emergency. And Hush Puppies. And-" * thud*

His brother, always one to try and copy Truck’s genius with wordplay, had his name legally changed to “Ama Pan,” but never found the chance to have his last name spoken first in any setting. Plus, he lost his Halen tape anyway.

[Woolthorp and Pendergrast shoot each other]
Later, in Hell...
Woolthorp: Pendergrast!
Pendergrast: Woolthorp!

His favorite band is…wait for it...wait for it...__________________ (guess)

"Hi, I'm Hipster Superman. You probably haven't heard of me, I'm pretty obscure."