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  • The scene from the excellent 52 miniseries from The DCU in which "Sobek" reveals his true colors and eats Osiris alive. Osiris desperately tries to summon Black Adam's power again, but Sobek bites down even harder. Sobek's last line at the end of the issue is particularly creepy.

Sobek: I'm not so hungry anymore.

    • 52 also featured a scene where Ralph Dibny wanted to disprove that a cult could resurrect his wife, only to see a straw version of her call out to him. The last page of that issue was particularly haunting as it seemed as if he lost his mind. He was faking it.
    • For me, the second panel of #2 where the Elongated Man recalls the memory of cradling his dead wife with an agonised stretched scream on his face made me jump. Edvard Munch has nothing on that panel.
    • Who can forget Captain Comet's fate?
    • I squirmed as Jean Loring, as Eclipso, pleaded with Ralph after he'd acquired the Spectre's powers, he'd made her sane and had taken her to the moment when she'd killed Sue Dibny, to make her relive that moment for eternity. It was both frightening and heart-rending at the same time.
    • It's a testament to how awesome the series is that Mr. Mind is absolutely terrifying in it, before and after he stops wearing adorable little Skeets like a cheap suit.