72 Hours/Characters

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La Résistance within the third annual American Battle Royale event. Founded by Anna Rourke, the original eleven members with later additions try to defy the rules of the game and escape the island.

Anna Rourke

Founder and leader of SABRE. Class Representative of the selected group, Anna is pretty much head of the student council. While an Ice Queen, Anna uses her brains and ability to make rousing speeches to give her friends the strength they need to rebel against Battle Royale.

Carter James

A red-headed kid who eventually becomes The Hero of the fanfic. Openly protests against Battle Royale, and has a longtime crush on Katherine.

Ashley Vasquez

The Ladette of the group, Ashley has a bit of a bad streak, taking drugs and sleeping with numerous boys. However, when she joins SABRE she has a Heel Face Turn, coming to appreciate her friendships, particularly with Carter and Katherine.

Katherine Farraday

The Heart of SABRE, an incredibly beautiful, kind and popular girl in school, Katherine likes to be independent but helpful after her detached past and a certain incident.

Doug Rodgers

The Smart Guy of the group, Doug is a genuine genius and computer hacker, able to understand the workings of the explosive belts and how to disable them.

Paul Holt

A horror film buff and Lovable Nerd. Wields a chainsaw in the game, becoming a Badass fighter protecting others, particularly girls.

Jenny Reese

Anna's best friend and a bit of a Genki Girl.

Michael Baxter

Openly gay, Michael becomes Jenny's guard during the game.

Lexie Hawk

One of two twins, Lexie is forced to Mercy Kill her beloved sister before becoming a member of SABRE.

Francisco Marquez

A badass Italian with Catholic beliefs. He is the only guy in school to fight and beat Joel in a brawl.

Gus O'Ryan

A redneck who is a fan of Battle Royale, but is good friends with Ashley.

Matt Hunter

A skaterboy, Matt spends much of the game looking for the love of his life Lexie, and goes through a great number of stresses and pains in his quest.

Bo Adrian

Initially a member of the wrestling club, Bo abandons Joel when most of the members are killed by Katie Snyder. He joins SABRE upon realising his choice of friends are not the best.