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Team Summer B

Natsu Iwashimizu

A painfullly shy and insecure sixteen-year-old girl who used to get bulllied at school before she awoke in the post-apocalyptic world. In her old life, her pet cat "Macadamia Nuts" was her only friend.

Arashi Aota

A kind and considerate seventeen-year-old who protects Natsu from Semimaru's bullying. The most important person in his life is his girlfriend Hana and he hopes to find her alive in the post-apocalyptic world. He's an excellent swimmer.

Semimaru Asai

A rude and selfish eighteen-year-old deliquent with a bad homelife. He loves to pick on Natsu.

Botan Saotome

She's the guide of Team Summer B and has an outspoken and confident personality. In the past she was a policewoman.

Matsuri Tendo

A cheerful sixteen-year-old girl who ran away from home.

Hotaru Kusakuri

A sweet little girl who used to work at a temple as a seer.

Chimaki Yamori

An excentric artist who paints at every opportunity.

Team Spring

Hana Sugurono

She's very outspoken and won't turn a blind eye to any injustice. Arashi is her boy friend.

Haru Yukima

Fujiko Amacha

  • Gamer Chick: She mentions that she likes playing video games in her spare time.
  • He Is Not My Boyfriend: When Hana asks her if she is interested in Tsunomata she says that their outlook on life is too different.
  • The Medic

Momotaro Nobi

Mansaku Tsunomata

Hibari Niigusa

Chisa Taiami

Yanagi Tosei

The guide of Team Spring. He ussed to work for the Japanese Self-Defense Force before that and is very authoritarian and sexist.

Team Summer A









Team Autumn

Ran Shishigaki

Akio Haza

Kurumi Shikano

Ryuusei Ogiwara

Sakuya Yamaki

Akane Nashimoto

Hazuki Karita

Ryoya Izayoi

Team Winter

Takahiro Aramaki

Fubuki Samejima

Mitsuru Kagurazaka

Mutusuki Karezono

Arare Fushizuke

Fuka Ayatori

Toji Murozaki

Sayuru Kumakawa