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Thief: You know she could die if she drinks this.
Black Mage: The way I see it, the body takes a while to cool. So, either way, I get what I want.
Red Mage: That... may be the worst thing you've ever said.

  • Older Than You Think: Many concepts which some believe originated in 8-Bit Theater are actually much older, and appeared because Brian Clevinger was part of Final Fantasy Fandom. For instance: the Black Mage being non-human (this came from Final Fantasy IX and there are clues to this effect as far back as Final Fantasy III), White Mage being a woman (this was a common perception among fans), and the grouping of four White Mages defeating Chaos (winning the game was this party is an old test of mettle for players).
  • Squick: Witch-dragon relationship, "animal husbandry", most of the killings... you pick.
    • One of Red Mage's plans involved him watching chocobos mate for a few hours; when asked by Black Mage why he had to watch, he replied: Oh, I never said I had to.
    • Also, the cultists' "tea parties" take the cake.
    • The whole Face Full of Alien Wingwong thing with that eye monster and Red Mage.
  • Squishy Wizard: Black Mage, of course.
    • Although, BM has shown surprising ability to take beatings for a supposed Squishy Wizard. Not to mention he is apparently strong enough to kill a bunch of sea monsters using only his dagger.
  • Weird Al Effect: Some of the things that people believe to be true about Final Fantasy I is stuff that was invented by Clevinger rather than things that were inherent in the original game, such as Fighters being dim, Black Mages being sarcastic, White Mages being women, etc.
  • The Woobie: White Mage.