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  • Complete Monster: Several qualify. In order of depravity from least to greatest, they are as follows:
    • Mr. Christian-- Anybody who contracts someone to find a snuff film for their viewing pleasure "just because they can" is complete scum.
    • Eddie Poole -- Despite admitting that the sight of Mary Anne's murder made him sick, his efforts to cover up his involvement in her death at any cost obliterate the Moral Event Horizon. Moreover, he showed no remorse for deceiving oblivious runaways into believing he would lead them to stardom before ushering them into an industry that mercilessly exploited them.
    • Maybe he's even worse than Velvet and Machine.

Eddie: What do you want me to do, start crying like a little baby? "Oh, I'm so sorry I killed the little girl." Well, fuck you, and fuck her! That's it. She's dead. She's been dead a long fucking time and nobody gives a shit but you.

      • There's no doubt that Eddie shows a disturbing Lack of Empathy and remorse. However, he exploits women solely to make a living whereas Velvet and Machine do it primarily for their own amusement.
      • And that's somehow better?
    • Daniel Longsdale -- a Smug Snake attorney who was the prime mover of Mary Anne Matthews' murder After being unable to find a snuff film on the Black Market for Mr. Christian, he improvises by commissioning Velvet to make one. The reason: a quick profit of $1,000,000.
    • Dino Velvet -- a twisted pornographer who makes films centered around the torture and brutalization of women (a disgusting practice that ultimately leads to a murder)
    • "Machine" -- a sadist psychopath who stars in Velvet's films to indulge his sadistic appetites. It is he who murders Mary Anne Matthews in the snuff film organized by Longsdale. By his own admission, he has no Freudian Excuse for his actions and merely partakes in such activities for his own personal amusement.
  • Creepy Awesome: According to many people, Dino Velvet.
    • For others, Machine.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Several.