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Whoever is in charge of the Los Angeles Times comic section doesn't like this comic, or is being fooled by someone who doesn't like it

After the strip was colorized it became an almost completely black rectangle compared to the colorized Jump Start comic right above it. The most interesting bit of evidence is this strip, which is in color. In one paper it looked the same, just in grayscale but in the LA Times it was identical to this one, which is almost completely black.

"Sister Caligula" is dead

(from the SA Newspaper Comic thread) This isn't just an out-of-body experience brought on by contraction-pain-freak-strength, she died of a stroke as the ex-nun was giving birth and they're on The River Styx -- God and Thorax included. There's no reason for these characters to stay on: Sister hasn't really been seen since the kids went to college; Thorax left when Gran hooked up with Kiesel; and "God" is quitting or so he says. After they reach their destination we'll never see them again... least not in newsprint.

The ex-nun's husband was meeting The Pope because he was thinking about rejoining the priesthood

During the three years his wife was pregnant he began having second thoughts but now that he's finally going to be a (lower-case f) father he changed his mind.

Seth is trying to protect Fernanda

At the rate Edda's secret-sharing is going (she's already sent a pic of Seth proposing to Seth's ex-boyfriend who will no doubt share it with every other gay person in NYC) Fernanda's family back in South America will have learnt that their precious, talented, virgin daughter has been deflowered out of wedlock by a homosexual man. Seth is simply thinking of Fernanda's well-being by proposing to her ASAP.

Edna's Flash Back Arc is a near-complete lie.

The current "How I Conceived Your Mother" flashback is so full of anachronisms and details Edna could not have known about, that there's only two explanations:

  1. She's spicing up the tale because the truth is far more mundane and doesn't paint her as nearly the innocent she's portraying herself as.
  2. Elderly dementia has set in and she honestly believes this is how things went down.

Either way, she's lying her ass off and the only other people who knew the whole truth (Bill, the American officer we already know she marries and Lt. Kiesl, the Nazi officer she was also in love with) are long since dead.

  • Jossed: Kiesl is very much alive and told Juliette and Edna that Gran's story was more or less accurate.

Edda hates her father because he said that he wished she was a boy.

As we know, Juliette loathes her ex-husband for leaving her for a younger, less intelligent (and far less prickly and needy) woman; from what little we know of Edda's relationship with him, it seems clear that she took offense to his stating that he wished he had a son to play football with.

Roger is...

Straight/bi, only so Camp Straight that he screws up everybody's intuition. Or Gay, and has neither the time nor the money after raising eleven kids to appreciate the finer things in life like a "normal" gay man would. Seriously, Seth, YOU try providing for eleven kids and see how often you have to prepare, let alone eat a gourmet meal.

    • Either that or he just doesn't like gourmet food, lots of people don't.
    • Never mind, "Uncle Gay" is just good-old-fashioned hugely-in-denial-now-freshly-out-of-the-closet gay. We will never see him nor his Stepford Cuckoo kids ever again.

Seth/Fernanda is the set-up of a The Birdcage-homage arc.

Seth gets Fernanda pregnant but she, being from a strongly Catholic background can't bring herself to raise the child of an out-of-wedlock relationship with a gay man and family help is right out; also she's a professional ballerina and can't afford to quit her dayjob. Seth takes custody of the kid and eventually reunites with his boyfriend (in which ever order).