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Misa: You were peeking inside my room, weren't you. You pervert.
Mayu: You're calling me a "pervert"?! I'm a girl, you know! There's no way I would do such a thing!
Misa: My, I'm sorry. I mistook you for a boy, what's with this masculine-looking attire and body of yours.
Mayu: Wait a sec. I understand for the attire, but what's with your body comment.

Misa: Your male-looking chest section got me to think this.

Mayu: Do you mean by this, that I'm a flat-chested girl? [1]

Misa: Bingo! ♥ Absolutely correct.

Mayu: What a, what a, what a nerve! Aaaah, by any chance, you're a minion of the bad guys intent on deceiving me, aren't you! That's right, you definitely are one!

Misa: Wait, calm down!

Mayu: To mow down the evil in this world! To save people from distress! My soul burning with justice will ablaze my fighting spirit!! Here I come, evildoer!
  1. Mayu actually uses the Pettanko fanspeak term in the original Japanese dialogue.