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  • One hilarious moment occured during a mission, when someone was about to fire an RPG at 66. 60's response was pure comedy gold.
    • 60: -checks to make sure 131 is doing well to follow along, still trying to look for the most defended escape route, glancing to rooftops and alleyways and the like- -messages 66 back- "Yes, yes, do well to let it pass through you, if you will. I will get the one of us who is not a combat based class to a safer position and return to care for you soon, sweetie. And about the family room, I really was thinking that a nice mint hue would be nice, but that was last season's color... oh, whatever will the neighbors think?" -small sigh, sending off the message with a smile and looking about, enjoying this feeling a small bit as he worked to avoid anyone along the way, choosing defendable, hidden locations to travel through, not wanting to leave 131 to be slaughtered-
  • People seem to enjoy Franco's flip outs, him being how he is.
    • Wolfybas---errr, Franco: *transforms back, now in only boxers, socks, and a tank top, face bascially murder, rifle switching from mouth to hand* I'll tell you what I can take, you nosebiting little whore. Christmas! I'm the fucking Grinch, about to lay waste to your whole fucking holiday! And every Who down in Whoville is going to cry boo hoo over your burning, not fixed Christmas tree remains! That light that just wouldn't work? In this metaphor it's your face. How about I carve Me Gusta into that? With bullets?! HOW DOES THAT SOUND, RUTH?! ME GUSTA THAT? COMO TE CRYING?!