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  • Non Sequitur Scene: Whenever one of the rpers has to leave, their Agents "explode into glitter" or "turn into unicorns and run away", also commonly known as "mourging".
  • Complete Monster: Most of the villains can cross over into this territory. However, the absolute queen of this trope is Alice. No matter how loyal, loving, or valuable one of her slaves is, she will kill them if doing so fits her rather.... unique reasoning. She also manipulated some of her slaves into thinking they were dogs, made 60 entirely dependent upon her, and created a cult that worshiped her.
  • Crazy Awesome: There's a few examples.
    • 74. He decided to go ahead and make himself an arm blaster so he could blow things up from a further distance, once nuked an entire horde of zombies, and regularly pranks the entire A-GENCY.
    • 107. She rode a dragon. After getting him to co-operate by kicking him in the balls while he was in human form.
    • 136. Not only has she trained in an alternate universe on a man-dominated world known for having some of the most extreme training exercises ever and come back completely unharmed, she also is capable of kicking the ass of most brawlers while standing on he head.
  • Magnificent Bunny: His name is Arsène Lupin. And yes, he is a giant rabbit. He's also able to compete with the likes of Koh, Grin, and Morkeal. DON'T UNDERESTIMATE HIM.
  • Purity Sue: According to his creator, 55 acts like this.
  • The Woobie: EVERYONE.