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Starting in late 1998, A-Teens begun as a tribute for following Swedish band, ABBA. Just like the foursome, the group consisted of two males and females, which would later move on to other works. Although not the same level as ABBA, the group did gain some popularly during the Turn of the Millennium.

Band Members

  • Marie Eleonor Serneholt was the oldest in the group, born 11 of July in 1983.
  • Amit Sebastian Paul, the older of the two male, born 29 October in 1983, he was born to an Indian chemist and a Swedish woman.
  • John "Dhani" Lennevald, the tallest of the group, was born on 24 July in 1984.
  • Sara Helena Lumholdt, the youngest and smallest.
  • The ABBA Generation (1999)
  • Teen Spirit (2001)
  • Pop 'til You Drop! (2002) – North American release
  • New Arrival (2003) – European released only
  • Greatest Hits (2004)
A-Teens provides examples of the following tropes: