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  • These kids are allowed to skip grades? I can understand Olive, since her "gift" would actually be useful in school, but the other kids, no. We're supposed to believe that being good with music, art, or some other thing that has absolutely nothing to do with almost every subject taught in school, will get you to skip multipule grades?
    • Maybe Chyna and Fletcher also acheive in other subjects other than art and music.
    • Just saying, but the series seems to be based around the concept of "global giftedness," an extremely rare trait. That's the only explanation I can think of for why a musician and an artist can presumably take high school level classes. Even with a character like Olive, a high aptitude in verbal skills doesn't necessarily denote high skill in every other subject. Plus, grade-skipping like that (three grades at once?) is rare in itself, so I find it interesting that Webster High managed to get together an entire class of kids with that kind of global aptitude.
      • Global whatedness?
      • Olive's talent isn't good verbal skills, it's memorizing everything she sees and hears. That would definately help with high school classes.
    • Being a great artist/musician at their age requires a lot of discipline, something that would naturally help in high school.
      • Not enough to skip three or four grades. There are a lot of kids in my school who were great at music or art but they aren't skipping any grades. Plus they don't seem to have discipline. It seems like we're supposed to think they can do these things easily and naturally.
    • It's revealed that Principal Skidmore created the A.N.T. program, so exploit the talents of gifted kids for her own benefits.
  • Maybe the better question is, why didn't they just set it in a 7-12 grade school and leave it at that?
  • If the pictures of baby Lexi are indeed showing her great skill at cheerleading, why wasn't she an A.N.T? Being a cheerleader requires skill and discipline too.
    • The program is new and she was too old by that time (it seems to only have kids that are supposed to be younger)? And it may just be something she's kind of good at and not really advanced (and they just wanted something to show in the opening to keep up the pattern and not give two kids normal pictures). By the way, the pictures are of beauty contests, not cheerleading.
  • How come none of the ants run for school president?
    • They probably weren't allowed to.
    • That, and a lot of older kids, who need those positions more college admissions and whatnot, probably wouldn't want a bunch of a 11 year olds running the school, regardless of how smart they are. The show has pretty much shown us Smart =/= Maturity.
  • Why didn't Mrs. Parks go with the family on the roadtrip to Los Angeles on the "America Needs Talent" episode? While we're at it, why did Fletcher. But wouldn't a mother want to be there when her child performs on live TV.
    • Aside from him being a main cast member and Roxanne Parks being just above an extra. I understand availability and Fletcher being contracted to do all of the episodes. And adding the mom to the plot would've taken away from the main plots. But they could've at least explained why she isn't there and why Fletcher is.
    • All he did was suggest the scenic route. Which was a huge setback.
    • While we're on the subject of Mrs.Parks, how come she is never around? You mean to tell me that a cop,alas not a good one,has more free time to take part in his kids & their friends antics than a children's party performer? Why have her in the show at all if she has only been in two episodes?
  • Am I the only one who is hella confused as to why they chose Hairspray for their musical? Chyna and Lexi were competing for the leads. Chyna competing is automatically nonsensical; a major focal point of the show is racial tension, and Chyna could not play the caucasian Tracy Turnblad. Lexi is a bit more likely to play Tracy, but she has that beauty queen flair that would be perfectly suited for an Amber than it would a Tracy, while Chyna would make the ideal Lil Inez.
    • Umm when did they do Hairspray? I know they attempted to do Grease, and Chyna was the naive Sandy, while Lexi was casts as Rizzo, and aside from the facets of Rizzo that Disney couldn't show, Lexi was a perfect Rizzo Expy.( Or maybe Lexi is a lot like Rizzo). Anyway, what is the name of the Hairspray episode, if is there is one?
      • There wasn't an episode about it, but it was only mentioned in the 1st episode.
    • Chyna and Lexi competing for the lead makes more tension than having them audition for different roles. The writers probably didn't even watch Hairspray. Also they said in the premiere that they were going to do Hairspray.
      • Maybe off screen, they changed at the last minute like what happened in the episode where they had to do a different play when they didn't get the school rights for Grease.
    • But the drama teacher is probably the most useless adult and worst teacher ever, so maybe its just his own ineptitude that causes this ridiculousness since he just barely knows what he's doing. Especially with his " do you think I'd be a teacher if I (insert insanely simple task that all teachers should know)?" comments.