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  • Acceptable Targets: One might argue that there are way too many jokes at the expense of fat people than are warranted.
    • Angus somewhat invokes this.
  • Critical Research Failure: The Ancient Greece play. Zeus did not marry Aphrodite in Greek Mythology; she was his daughter.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome:
    • Chyna's rendition of "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz.
    • China Anne's "Calling All The Monsters".
    • Pretty much any time Chyna sings.
    • Even the so-called childrens songs from the episode "PerformANTs" when they are "The Happy Fuzzy Friends" especially the first song which is catchy, although its pretty dark.
  • Dude, Not Funny: In the episode "SciANTs Fair", Olive and Chyna fight over the controller to a miniature zeppelin during the titular fair; cue accidental recreation of the Hindenburg disaster with Olive even quoting the famous line "Oh, the humanity!" If the laugh track is to be believed, it's all Played for Laughs!
  • Ear Worm: The theme music. Also "Cameron Parks: Space Cadet" from "ClarivoyANT".
    • China Anne McClain released a very catchy halloween-themed song called "Calling All The Monsters". It appeared in the A.N.T. Farm Halloween Episode.
    • "Tonight I'm a Soccer Ball".
    • The songs when they are "The Happy Fuzzy Friends".
  • Idol Singer: Chyna and Lexi both get chances to showcast their natural talents. There is even an episode where they make to the Hollywood phase of an Idol show spoof, called America Needs Talent.
    • While most Idol Singers are marketed for looks over vocal ability, or that they get acting jobs due to being a good singer. But a teacher lampshades this when he says "I knew you could sing but your acting skills, wow!"
    • And Lexi is known for her acting skills in high school musicals, being cast as the lead in nearly everything, even if she is cast in a role meant for a male actor.
  • Les Yay / Foe Yay: The end of "You're the One That I wANT" has Lexi playing the male lead to Chyna's female lead. They sing a romantic song somewhat similar to "Summer Nights" that was originally supposed to end with a kiss. They don't kiss, but still...
    • Also, the below mentioned Idol Singer episode has Chyna singing "You are beautiful, no matter what they say..." The fact that Lexi mistakes this as Chyna singing the song to her is played as a joke, but the scene is seriously played out like Chyna is singing it to Lexi!
  • Moe: In-Universe, Paisley considers Fletcher to be adorable.
  • Nightmare Fuel: From the 1st episode, melted Chyna wax statue. in fact, Gibson said this upon seeing it:

"Melted kid! A Melted kid!"

"Wow, that was so sweet, I'm worried about my blood sugar!"