ABBA/Tear Jerker

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The Swedish pop group is known for having some sad songs.

  • "The Winner Takes It All" might be one of the saddest pop songs ever. Even worse is Meryl Streep's version in Mamma Mia!!. Saddest. Lost. Love. Song. EVER.
  • Also, "Cassandra."
  • And "Fernando", once you read the lyrics.
  • "Slipping Through My Fingers", to name yet another. Bjorn wrote it after realizing he (and his ex-wife Agnetha, who sings the song) missed out on his daughter's childhood by being so career-obsessed. It can bring mothers and daughters alike to tears, as the latter is leaving childhood behind.
  • It's also kind of hard to keep a dry eye through "SOS".
  • "One Of Us" can be added to the list of unbearable ABBA songs.
  • Their incomplete mini-musical, "The Girl with the Golden Hair", turns into one of these when combined with the fan theory that it's based on Agnetha's life.
  • "Chiquitita", that is all. Have fun.