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    • Creator Backlash: They aren't too fond of "Summer Night City".
    • Old Shame: Benny and Bjorn have expressed embarrassment at their first album, Ring Ring, and some of the stuff on Waterloo.
    • What Could Have Been: ABBA didn't intend to split permanently in 1983 (hence why their compilation album was called "The Singles: the FIRST Ten Years") Rather, the intention was to go on hiatus for a year or two, during which time Bjorn and Benny would write the musical "Chess" whilst Agnetha and Frida would focus on solo careers. However, for various reasons they never got back together. When you look at how the band evolved over their decade-long lifespan, it would have been very interesting to see what other songs they might have recorded had they lasted a few more years...
      • "Arrival" was supposed to have lyrics but Bjorn forgot to bring them to the recording sessions. The lyrics were about the birth of his and Agnetha's daughter Linda.