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Strange how Pat Robertson hasn't yet complained about this "new kind of family"...

ABC Family is a cable channel owned by The Walt Disney Company. It started in 1977 as CBN Cable, owned by Pat Robertson. In 1988, the channel was renamed to CBN Family Channel; two years later it was spun off and the name was changed to The Family Channel, as the channel had begun to make too much money for non-profit CBN to keep it around. The Family Channel, which was by this point co-owned with the library of MTM Enterprises, was bought by FOX in 1997, and renamed Fox Family Channel the next year. The channel, along with Fox Kids, was sold to Disney in 2001. That same year, the channel's name settled on the current one, the Fox Kids block met its end the next year, and its programming moved to ABC Family (and Toon Disney) as "Jetix" (the name was introduced in 2004; previous to that the programming had aired on ABCF under the name of "ABC Family Action Block").

Disney planned to revamp the channel into a young-adult-aimed channel named "XYZ"; a stipulation that "Family" remain in the name forever put the brakes on this. The channel eventually abused a loophole and remained ABC Family, but changed their slogan to "A new kind of family", pretty much saying that they may have to keep the name, but that won't stop them from turning it into a not-so-family-friendly channel.

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