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By the end, you'll be doing this too. Trust us.

  • AIR. Just AIR. Especially the "Goal" part, which gets many people every time. Even just showing the video of that scene in an AMV has managed to make them cry. The scene is even more depressing now, when you consider what happened to Misuzu's voice actress a few years later.
    • The song "Aozora", cued at the highlight of the "Goal" scene, heightens the effect even more, especially with Lia's mournful vocals. Man, they sure unleashed the sadness of the moment in full force, no punches pulled.
    • The death of Tomoko Kawakami is a Tear Jerker in its own right, especially when you watch the scene.
  • As if that weren't enough, the penultimate episode had the scene on the beach where Misuzu, about to be taken away from Haruko by her father, cries out for her Mama and runs back to her newly-acknowledged mother. The shift to complete silence instead of screams and tears in the audio only intensified the effect.
    • This troper saw an AMV of the last few episodes set to Alice in Chains' "Nutshell". Dear God... that was the saddest thing I have seen...
  • This troper had a similar reaction to Kanna's death.
  • Same with Michiru's "death" (or disappearance).
  • The montage at the end was probably the only time in his life this editor has been or will be reduced to tears by a picture of a tyrannosaurus.
  • Misuzu's breakdown when she tries playing cards with Yukito.