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Established in 2005, this collection of free Play-By-Post games uses a unique system called PARS (Posting And Reading System), which allows you to read through all the posts that have occurred since you left without trawling through a massive thread. Unlike many traditional forum-based role-playing games, you can interject your storytelling within other threads, or reply directly to different characters, allowing for a much richer, and more fluid roleplaying experience. PARS also allows for multiple storylines to take place simultaneously, and can impact each other, creating a much richer environment.

AJJE has an elected government and is run day-to-day by the members.

Canon characters are generally prohibited here, and the format is written usually in the third person, with players taking turns to post in a scene.

AJJE Games currently contains the following role-playing zones:

  • Star Trek - A collection of sims which take place across the span of the Star Trek timeline. Sims include Section 31, as well as ships based in TNG and TOS environments.
  • Stargate - A collection of sims which range from the starship Argos to teams set in both the Atlantis and Cheyenne Mountain environments.
  • Akers Bluff - An homage to Joss Whedon's vision in Serenity, this member-created role-playing environment takes place in a future where settlers on distant planets are caught between trying to either survive on their own, pay exorbitant prices to the Shipper's Union for their goods, or look to the criminal organization, the Syndicate, for their needs. In between these extremes are the smugglers and pirates, looking to make a living without loyalty.
  • Fantasy - A collection of sims, including Sword & Sorcery and Harry Potter.
  • Science-Fiction - Star Wars, Doctor Who and Starship Trooper sims.

Can be found here. AJJE Games is a complete role-playing community, with members from around the world.

Tropes used in AJJE Games include:

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