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Tsubasa has an ulterior motive for being 0048's producer.[edit | hide | hide all]

  • In the OP, there's a priestess-looking character who looks a lot like her.
  • One of the priestesses in episode 3 talks about needing to inform "Tsubasa-sama".

When the idols "graduate", they are fed to that giant entity that is being worshiped by the priestesses.[edit | hide]

Mostly because we never get any indication of what happens to an idol after they "graduate", or what happened to previous generations of idols.

    • Possibly Jossed with the discovery that Idols are the only able to attract Kirara which provides the galaxy with clean efficient space travel. Compared to the Dualium which require a lot of effort to mine and refine.

Chieri's dad's corporation is a supplier for DES.[edit | hide]

Chieri: I knew it. This machine...

Chieri suceeds Takamina and Nagisa suceeds Acchan.[edit | hide]

  • Which is suggested by their arrangement in the lineup.