AKB48/Characters/Team B

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Yukirin 9562.jpg

Kashiwagi Yuki

The captain of Team B.

  • Breast Expansion Some of the fans accused her of getting breast enhancement surgery and she angrily denied the accusations.
  • Fan Nickname Yukirin
  • Large Ham Usually very feminine and ladylike, but she goes all out when reacting to something.
  • The Ojou
  • Reaction Shot There's a reason she's called the "Reaction Queen"

Mayuyu 7702.jpg

Watanabe Mayu

  • Cute but Cacophonic Subverted. Although she has one of the highest pitched voices in AKB48, her singing voice is really quite nice and cute.
  • Fan Nickname Mayuyu
  • Otaku Surrogate Self proclaimed!
    • She even have an unofficial group, aptly titled Ota4, aka Otaku 4 with 3 other members.
  • Robot Girl Members of AKB jokingly call her CG ("Cyborg Girl") due to the fact that she doesn't sweat at all.

Kitarie 817.jpg

Kitahara Rie

Tomomi 390.jpg

Kasai Tomomi

Amina 1338.jpg

Sato Amina

Yuka 8640.jpg

Masuda Yuka

Nacchan 382.jpg

Hirajima Natsumi

Myao 3498.jpg

Miyazaki Miho

Komorin 8962.jpg

Komori Mika

Suuchan 297.jpg

Sato Sumire

Harukyan 1401.jpg

Ishida Haruka

Kana 7064.jpg

Kobayashi Kana

Nacchi 6035.jpg

Sato Natsuki

Shihorin 6799.jpg

Suzuki Shihori

Mariyannu 9177.jpg

Suzuki Mariya

Chikariina 1378.jpg

Chikano Rina