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  • Broken Base - There are fans who think the group's switch to King Records made them more "mainstream" and think their older singles were much better. Then on the other side you have the fans who think the sellouts prove that AKB is finally getting the attention they deserve. And then you have everyone in between.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse - Sato Amina. For someone who is neglected by the management, consistently placing in the top 21 for senbatsu elections is surely something.
  • Face of the Band - Maeda Atsuko. Probably the most promoted member of AKB48. She's the center for almost all AKB48 singles to date.
  • Fan Dumb - Heavy Rotation was loaded with Fan Service and yet some fans insist that there's nothing sexual about it because since it was directed by a feminist. That's right. It was directed by a feminist and therefore it is not even remotely sexual. These same fans then go on to say that anyone who sees anything sexual about this PV is a pervert, or anyone who doesn't like it is either sexually frustrated or just jealous.
  • Hate Dumb - So much. The group gets tons of hate saying that they're nothing but a cutesy idol group that does nothing but prance around in bikinis each song so they'll sell out each single. The group of has had a grand total of 4 PVs where they're wearing bikinis though don't bother telling the haters that.
  • Tear Jerker - The PV and lyrics to Sakura no Ki ni Narou.
    • Also, the song Rider. It's a song dedicated to a loyal fan who passed away.
    • The PV to Maeda Atusko's solo Flower is also very sad.
  • The Rival - Arguably, Morning Musume.
    • It should also be noted that some members of AKB48 are fans of Morning Musume and vice versa. This is more of a Fandom Rivalry than anything else.
    • There is an official rival, Nogizaka46.
  • The Scrappy - After predicting that AKB's popularity will probably wane in 1-2 years a lot fans bashed Sashihara Rino for being the "negative idol" and "unsupportive of her group." Thankfully the backlash seems to have died down by now.
    • Yokoyama Yui, mainly because of her heavy promotion despite her status as a newly-promoted member.