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  • Broken Base - The people who have played APB are either disappointed at how it turned out or defend it fanatically because there isn't a better game like it. There are few people in between.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome - the extensive (and we mean it!) soundtrack contains some real gems, like Dimmu Borgir's "Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse" (if you need to ride in like a Death Metal Batman) or "Bitch Plz" by Pop Erotiq.
    • You can also import any of your own tracks into the in-game music player, and anyone else who has imported the same tracks as you will hear it when you play it from your car (and vice versa).
  • Game Breaker - The AK-lookalike N-Tec 5 reigns supreme at almost any range. Only well-placed shotgun blasts or a sniper can take out an N-Tec user unless he's a total moron. Or you're a very good dodger. Most of the time he just sprays in the general direction of the continent you're standing on and you go down. There are balance problems with many other guns, such as the MP5-lookalike OCA submachine gun.
    • A recent patch being announced claims that the N-Tec and OCA are going to get nerfed. Time will tell whether they will still be overpowered, balanced, or become nearly useless.
    • The upgraded OBIR NFCP 2 rifle was a Game Breaker in the beta version - with Level 3 recoil and damage upgrades it could take out anyone with two full bursts at quite a range. It was nerfed in the retail version as Level 3 upgrades are much harder to acquire and the base accuracy of OBIR was reduced.
    • To this date, there are still complaints about the OCA (and its G1 credit-only variant with a suppressor), Joker carbine, OSMAW rocket launcher, and Obeya CR 762. There are more legitimate concerns about easily-defendable camping spots, such as a roof near Justin Teng and Suji's club. Typically, when there's an item hold or VIP mission, the defending team will often rush to one of those spots. G1 has stated these locations will be 'fixed' soon.
  • Good Bad Bug - There's a number of physics related ones.