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Over half a million years before The Trauma, on the third planet of a star called Sol, the people there have reached The Singularity. To celebrate, they abandoned all their star systems but two, their home star and their first colony Thras, breaking down all the other planets (including their homeplanet) to raw materials to encase the two in aDyson Sphere, and renamed themselves as a sign of their change. They were no longer humans, they were the Therians.

Now nothing in this universe can ever harm their mighty race, like true immortals, but soon they learn to their horror that something still can: time. In a mere 25 billion years the universe with have spread out to a point where no life -- not even them -- can exist. Therians took on a task that only they can achieve: they will encase ALL stars in Dyson Spheres, moving them anywhere they want, and in this way circumventing the spread-out. Soon they truly will be the masters of all things, and any short-sighted race trying to stop them will be crushed under their might.

Sigma Urush

"This is all new to me."

Once an major celebrity of Thera, known for being even more aloof than most Therians and for the simulators he enjoys to make. His Simulators were so life-like and so accurate, the Warrior guilds even used them as battle plans and training for upcoming assaults. And for the most part they were always 100% on the mark, all but one: Ava. Soon after Urush was shunned by everyone, his friends no longer wanted to talk to him, his bandwidth was reduced to a point where he could no longer run his simulator, and he was banished to Damocles doing grunt work. 43 years later the Avans attacked Damocles and Urush was ready for his revenge. After being the first to successfully counter-attack the Avans, Urush was hailed a hero again.

Alpha Atis-Astarte

Omega Tiamat

One of the oldest Therians still alive, Tiamat's favorite hobby was trying to understand a rare condition that many of the older Therians suffer: living so long, the information they have amassed over the years overloads their minds. It was soon clear she herself had this and soon took to try and find a cure, forming the Web Spiders to try and help her. One Day a Spider contacted her with information about a virus he had found; once meeting up with him, she did the unthinkable. She ripped the virus apart and ate it (and then the Web Spider). Her plan worked, but changed her. She is now something else and is still hungry.

Omicron Nina Zero

"Believe in Freedom!"

Once a human and member of the Collectivist movement, believing that freedom is the right of all people no mater who or what they are. During a workers' strike, the White Stars were sent to break it up resulting in a riot, which resulted in Nina losing her parents and her left eye. She soon learned to try and fight the UNA from within. Changing her name, she moved to Ava and became a newspaper editor. During the Assault on Damocles she went to cover the story, but became separated for her escort during a battle. Trying to find her way through the maze, she meet the newly born AI Babel. Unknowing (or uncaring) of what she was talking to, she treated the AI as an equal. Babel was so touched by Nina's ideals she uplifted Nina to be her Avatar.


United Nations of Ava

Red Blok