A BLU Haired Medic

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"...the first Team Fortress 2 and Sailor Moon crossover fan fiction made. As far as I'm concerned."
The Author on his fanfiction.

The brain is an interesting thing, capable of mixing two things together even though they are nearly the polar opposite of each other. A BLU Haired Medic takes the world of Sailor Moon and the world of Team Fortress 2 and smashes them together in a giant pot. Written by MagnisGregir, A BLU Haired Medic is the tale of Ami Mizuno's trip to America to learn to become a Doctor. With a BLU Mercenary team.

Still[when?] being written, read it at FanFiction.Net. Or DeviantArt.

Tropes used in A BLU Haired Medic include: