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A list of characters from the RPG Maker 2000 game 'A Blurred Line'.

Playable Characters


The main character. One year before the opening segment, he was an employee at Delcentric, but everything changes once he's framed for the murder of the Agency's Director. Now on the run, Talan goes on a journey across the world to seek the truth.

Talan's special ability, which he learns during his chronological first encounter with 'Kersh', is to identify the coloured 'auras' of enemies and absorb them to temporarily gain new skills. After absorbing skills enough times, Talan permanently learns them.


One of three optional party members that Talan can recruit before leaving the city. She's a member of the 'Neon Viper' street gang, and if Talan steals an idol from the Lazer Teeth and returns it to them in order to get their help, she'll appear later on in the story to help him out. When Talan reaches Paradise, however, they are forced to part ways.

Arden's special abilities include backstabbing, taunting, and gambling, all of which she learns as she levels up.


The second of the three optional party members Talan can recruit early in the story. He's a member of the 'Lazer Teeth' street gang. If Talan runs into the Vipers before the Teeth and tells them about a spy, it turns out that Arden is a double agent. Later in the story, Saldra joins Talan to repay him. Like Arden, Saldra leaves the party when Talan reaches Paradise.

Saldra learns all of his special techniques, such as lockpicking and 'Not The Face!', from manuals that Talan can find in chests.

AG 7-17 Battle Droid

The third optional character that Talan can recruit while heading to work. If he chooses to wait for a tram rather than walk, a man will pick his pocket and leave a business card behind. Talan can access the man's store later, and is offered a free robot if he is able to retrieve a Motivator Chip from the nearby junkyard. If the right options are picked, AG 7-17 can be recruited in addition to one of the street gang members, rather than having to choose between one of the three. Additionally, while the street gang members permanently leave once Talan reaches Paradise, AG 7-17 will rejoin the party once Talan's party heads to the remains of Surl.

AG 7-17 has no special skills, and his regular attacks cost SP. However, it can equip unique parts in order to become more powerful.


The only daughter of the leader of Paradise, a settlement with no connections to the Agency or access to technology. After Talan tries to prevent her from jumping off a cliff (which she survives), she starts to fall in love with him. However, after they recruit 'Kersh' and Talan treats him badly due to their history, her sympathy towards the new character causes them to drift apart.

Her prized possession is a radio, which is forbidden in Paradise, but is the only memento she has of her deceased mother. After joining Talan's party, she can play tapes with the radio during battle to cause beneficial effects.

  • Foregone Conclusion: If she and the Emily mentioned in the intro are one in the same, we can assume that she marries 'Kersh', and then Talan kills her for some unexplaned reason.


An optional party member that can be recruited in Paradise if Talan becomes a Farmer. When Isabella is poisoned, he and Talan head to the Ill Marshes to defeat a Murgator and obtain a cure.

Radin has no combat abilities, but can repair broken items, alchemize potions, and dig for alchemy ingredients outside of battle.


An optional party member that can be recruited in Paradise if Talan becomes an Actor. When Talan is tasked with heading to the ruins of a haunted theatre to obtain a script, Lerle accompanies him.

If the party fights a single opponent in battle, Lerle can study the creature, allowing him to use his acting skills to 'transform' into it at any time.


An optional party member that can be recruited in Paradise if Talan becomes a Defender. Once Isabella has been poisoned and Drago kidnapped, he and Talan invade the Bandits' lair

By studying enemies in battle, Sern can absorb their souls and use them to craft powerful weaponry. The more powerful a weapon is, the more souls it costs to make.


A Defender of Paradise that's temporarily playable if Talan becomes a Defender.

Drago has no remarkable abilities, but does know a few combat skills.


The Captain of the Agency. After being the focus character for the opening, he serves a mostly antagonistic role, hunting down Talan and burning down Paradise. Once he encounters Talan, Emily, and their third party member at Memnosyne's house, his mind becomes shattered due to the sudden impact of the memories he's given. Now called 'Kersh' by Emily, as it's the only thing he can say when asked if he remembers his name, he joins the party as they travel to Surl to escape the Agency. His memories slowly return to him, and while Emily doesn't know it, he's completely back to normal by the time he gets the package that Talan received from Pierson.

Kersh has no special skills during the opening. When he briefly joins Talan, though, he can use the remains of childrens' toys found in Surl to unleash powerful magic.


A corporal that works for the Agency. She's given the task to have Professor Eisen reactivate the Advocate program, but is tricked into becoming trapped in a simulation. After Manta's hacking removes certain blocks in the simulation's code, Dalia is able to find the keys she needs to get back to reality.


A member of the Agency first seen with 'Kersh' and Core during the opening segment. He's a Slicer, AKA a talented hacker. After being recruited by the Agency for his skills, he helps Dalia free herself from the simulation Professor Eisen placed her in, and reactivates the Advocate program.


A young boy with the power to hear the thoughts of others. Manta goes outside the city to recruit him during the opening segment. He's killed by Talan.

In battle, Core can perform a powerful 'Fury Punch' attack.

Important NPCs


The Director of the Agency, whose assassination early in the game is the reason Talan's on the run. It was faked, and not only is the Director still alive, making Talan an enemy of the Agency was his plan all along.


Talan's coworker and close friend back when he worked at Delcentric.

Boss Wick

A crime lord that lives in the building next door to Talan's. If Talan asks him to help fix an injured ankle, he'll have to owe the boss a favour, to be cashed in at any time.

Doctor Vago

A resident of Sorbe Village that will heal Talan's ankle if he didn't take Boss Wick's offer. In either case, he tells Talan the location of the Paradise settlement, and is later arrested by the Agency for his actions.

A trailer for the still-unreleased conclusion has a brief clip of him working with Talan on something that will take 'a month...at the most'.

Professor Eisen

The creator of the Advocate program. A former denizen of Yun Village, his obstinate support of the Agency as a young man led to the progam going out of control. When the Agency attempted to destroy the base Eisen was in because Advocate refused to cooperate, Advocate saved Eisen's life. Regretful of the devastation that Advocate unintentionally caused, Eisen became a recluse that spent his time playing simulations, never again leaving his lab.


Professor Eisen's program, originally designed to improve the construction of the Cache Colony and later integrated into all systems, which somehow achieved sentience. Once refused to activate a missile defence system because he wanted to see what an explosion looked like, and changed its mind after discovering that it would die as a result. Because of the trouble it caused, especially since one missle had slipped past its radar, it was deactivated. After Manta reactivates it, Advocate tricks Dalia into giving it enough power to infinitely duplicate itself. Once copy of him manifests in a AG7-17 Battle Droid near Talan and the optional party member from Paradise at the end of the current version of the game (if a droid was recruited earlier, it will always be that one).

Tropes associated with Advocate:


The leader of the technology-free settlement of Paradise, and Emily's father. When the Agency invades Paradise to get to their hidden treasure, as well as Talan, Pierson commits suicide after giving Talan the treasure.


A Defender of Paradise. If Talan chooses to become a Defender or a Farmer, she is struck with a poison arrow, causing the Defenders to go after the bandits and the Farmers to search for a cure.


An elderly lady that was chosen by the survivors of Surl to become the Keeper of Memories. Her own past now lost, her mind contains the memories of everyone from the doomed nation, and she can now access the memories of anyone she touches. When the Agency Captain tracks Talan down to her home, she shatters his mind by making him the new Keeper of Memories, transferring all of Surl's trauma from her to him.