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All of the characters need character descriptions. A list of tropes is not a description.
Most of the tropes need context.

The ants


Flik01 8007.jpg


Atta01 7774.jpg


Dot01 9547.jpg

The grasshoppers


Hopper01 6381.jpg


  • Annoying Younger Sibling
  • The Ditz
  • Morality Chain: Hopper is literally bound to keep him alive and with him due to their dying mother's wishes and keeping within honorable grasshopper conduct. Clearly, Hopper wishes things could be different, as he possess no true sense of morality.
  • Punch Clock Villain: When the food's collected and the circus is performing, he happily claps and plays along, rather like a child.

"The circus, the circus, I love the circus!"

The circus bugs

P.T. Flea

Ptflea01 1546.jpg


Francis01 2977.jpg



Manny and Gypsy

Mannygypsy01 5832.jpg

Tuck and Roll

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