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  • You Fail Biology Forever: The four-limbed ants, the scaling of most characters, and many colours. Also ants fearing any fall at all. It was mostly deliberate with the designing of the characters, and maintaining the Rule of Funny.
    • But Hopper strangling Flik at the climax - ants don't have lungs.
    • Grasshoppers can't actually fly like that. True, they can use their wings to propel themselves short distances (hence the name), but they don't actually fly. They're being confused with migratory locusts.
    • Shouldn't the queen be sitting underground, swollen with eggs and unable to move?
      • This one is actually justifiable: some species of ant have queens that are perfectly mobile and no bigger than the workers, even when laying.
    • Shouldn't all the workers be female?
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: The guy from News Radio has to protect his ant colony from Verbal Kint with some help from Niles Crane and Denis Leary.
  • Watch when the ants Zerg Rush the grasshoppers. The grasshoppers all run for it - except for Molt, Hopper's brother, who actually dives into the grass in terror. So he doesn't abandon his brother, and that's why he's still around at the end.
    • He also sheds his entire chitin skin all at once as he makes the dive.

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