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Academy City's Badass Normal Army, essentially an analogue to the real-life JSDF. They are adult volunteers trained in the use of firearms and military weapons. Their job is essentially everything that Judgment is not allowed to handle, such as terrorist attacks and invasions. Their influence extends outside of Academy City, since they are the equivalent of Academy City's military forces.

Aiho Yomikawa

Yomi 8706.jpg


Voiced by: Yuko Kaida


A teacher at Touma's school, as well as an Antiskill Lieutenant. Despite being quite beautiful, she's 100% a tomboy and has something of a rather..."spartan" approach to physical fitness. She is Komoe-sensei's best friend, and one of Accelerator's and Last Order's guardians.


Yomikawa: “U-umm. This is Aiho Yomikawa of Antiskill Branch 73. With charges of theft, property damage, attempted murder, and interference with a public servant’s duties, I’m taking you pieces of shits down to hell!”

Hanzou: “Tch!! Miss Tits there must have a grudge to put interference with a public servant’s duties at the list’s climax!!”


Tsuzuri Tessou

Tessou Tsuzuri 7226.png

Voiced by: Endo Aya


A ditsy young teacher who's also a member of an Antiskill Swat Team. She has poor time-management skills, is always late, and completely geeks out over fighting games.