A Certain Scientific Inhibitor

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"Never better."
J, when asked how he's feeling- because technically, he's right.

A Certain Scientific Inhibitor is a A Certain Magical Index story authored by Subtle Insanity.

J Passant is a nineteen-year-old boy recovering from the initiation process of the Power Curriculum Program, the Academy City-exclusive program that allows normal people to become espers. When "Heaven Canceler" comes into J's room, they reminisce on their first meeting nine years ago before J asks his old doctor why he's in hospital clothes and why his own hair is now completely gone.

With the room's lightheartedness abruptly fading, the doctor gives him the straight and narrow: there had been a hiccup during J's initiation - one involving sudden expulsions of blood - and the doctor had to strip J naked and shave him bald for surgery. Hearing that, J hopes that his new ability was worth that trouble.

The doctor shocks him once more, telling him that he's now a Level 0. Hearing that, J flies into a rage for all of a minute before embracing the challenge, if only to show the program that a Level 0 can level up.

The doctor pulls off a hat trick: the initiation hiccup also shortened J's lifespan harshly. Now visibly depressed, J asks how long he has left to live.

And with this, the doctor delivers the final, and most significant, piece of bad news: J isn't expected to live past twenty-one.

With his death predetermined, J resolves to handle the matters that he had been reluctant to leave behind when he had been whisked far, far away from Academy City, and the first one on the list is... contacting Academy City's Number One.

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