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Kuroko: I think I may have overdone it a bit...

  • When Mikoto takes on the AIM Burst (the creature formed from the AIM Dispersion fields) and unleashes an electric shock which makes Pikachu look like a little kid. Especially after it loses its regenerating ability and Mikoto uses her full powers to finish it including having the song Only my Railgun playing too.}}
  • In Episode 24, Mikoto takes down a Humongous Mecha piloted by Telestina by latching onto its Rocket Punch, ripping the projectile to pieces, and then with Kuroko's help, using a large chunk of debris as ammo for a huge Railgun.
    • Saten gets her moment near the end of the same episode when she saves Mikoto and the others by smashing Telestina's Capacity Down machine with a baseball bat.
  • Misaka's entire fight against ITEM on August 19th, but special bonus points for outsmarting Meltdowner by using her bomb happy companion's own traps against her twice when the constant battles had worn her down.
  • During the first Railgun SS, Mikoto takes Flight using her power and all but destroys the magicians' ships to protect Liberal Arts City before the lifeboats could escape.
  • Mikoto's Big Damn Heroes moments saving Lessar in the second Railgun SS.