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  • The ends of Episode 12, 14 and 24.

Episode 24: "We love you, Kiyama-sensei!! Get Well Soon!!
Episode 10: "I'll wake you up, Saten-san!"

  • Manga chapter 38: When Accelerator asks Misaka why she's trying to protect her clones, she simply answers: "It's because these girls are my little sisters, that's all there is to it." The stunned look on Misaka 10032's face says it all. Goddamnit Misaka, I'm not crying, I just got something in my eye.
  • Also in the manga, we get to see the Sisters arc from her view. At the bridge scene, she's just realized none of what she's done has even slowed down the project at all, and has managed to convince herself that letting herself get killed is the only choice she has left. After all, it's the real world, and there aren't heroes around to just fix everybody's problems. Then Touma walks up.

Misaka: (thinking) I know how this looks. He must think I'm involved in the experiments. He must think I'm a monster.
Misaka: (out loud) I guess you found out, huh? You here to yell at me, call me a monster for letting these experiments continue?
Touma: Isn't it obvious? I came here because I was worried about you.