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Fridge Brilliance:

  • The Ghost of the Past is flickering, translucent, and indistinct because Scrooge is trying to forget his past, to make it not exist. The bright halo that surrounds it reminds one that the past can never be completely forgotten.
  • To say nothing of the Ghost of Christmas Future being a dark, hooded figure representing the future's uncertainty and his resemblance to the Grim Reaper, which shows the future we must all eventually face: death.
  • There is a layer of subtle terror in Zemeckis' depiction of the Ghost of Christmas Future as an incorporeal shadow. With this spirit Scrooge has no companion to serve as a guide or confidant to share his thoughts. At the beginning Scrooge when Scrooge talked to the charity men, he said he wished to be left alone, and now he truly is alone.
  • Plus the Ghost of Christmas Present dying because of the present Christmas drawing to a close...and the fact he has 1842 siblings, for each Christmas before him.
  • In the 2009 Disney adaptation Scrooge takes the pennies off Jacob Marley's eyes. The pennies used as fare to get to the other side to face judgement.
  • The ghosts (depending on the adaptation) often bear some semblance to either Ebenezer himself, or to the aspect of Scrooge's life they represent: the candle/glowing figure of the past is indistinct yet bright, because he does not wish to remember the past yet cannot forget it; the large and boisterous ghost of the present often either somewhat looks like a "jolly fat" version of Scrooge or otherwise depicts what a man with his life could be doing if he had the Christmas spirit; so why does the ghost of the future not just look "shadowy and indistinct" but rather explicitly like the Grim Reaper? Well, when you're Scrooge's age, especially in that time frame, there's really only one thing you can expect in the future...
  • In the 2009 version, we have two kids named Ignorance and Want. Ignorance seems to spend his life in and out of jail, while Want, a girl, possibly goes down another path of ill-repute. The Brilliance comes when Scrooge is dealing with the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, and sees the two people picking through his belongings once he's dead. They look a lot like Ignorance and Want.
  • Try reviewing Tiny Tim and his health. Since he needs crutches to move and is very sick, there's a strong possibly Tiny Tim could be suffering from malnutrition due to it being easily cured if Bob had enough to pay.
    • When one thinks about it, it actually makes a lot scene if you looks at the cost of food and the amount of paid Bob is being given by the miser of Scrooge. Renal tubular acidosis and Rickets have often theorized after looking at Tiny Tim's health problems, and both of them were fatal if left untreated. This could've causes a Heel Face Turn in Scrooge, as he's showed what's in stored if he continues with his miser behavior.