A Christmas Carol/Tear Jerker

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  • Everyone likes to bring up Tiny Tim, but Scrooge also forms a deep emotional bond with the Ghost of Christmas Present and his death at midnight of December 25th is an emotional turning point in many versions.
  • In the 1951 film Scrooge, as Scrooge goes back to his childhood in the deserted school, his sister comes in and he forgets and tries to embrace her. Alastair Sim was brilliant. That one terrible, overjoyed cry -- "Fan!" and she runs right through him. Oh my God.
    • And then there's her death, which is shown in this movie unlike pretty much any other adaptation and the book. As she's dying, younger Scrooge is overcome with grief and leaves the room. Immediately after, Fran says her final words, asking Scrooge to take care of her son, and dies. Older Scrooge's reaction makes it even worse.
    • Also, there's the alternate future where Tim dies. A weary Bob Crachit tries to put on a brave face for his family, talking about how Tim is at peace now. Finally, though, he just breaks down in tears for his dead son.
    • And there's a brief but effective scene as Fezziwig, driven out of business, watches as his sign is taken down from the warehouse. It gets worse when Scrooge, while sympathetic, just can't bring himself to go talk to the man he helped to bring down.