A Civics Lesson

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Recruiting a gifted child for an advanced-learning course becomes far more difficult than initially proposed, when the child in question is the son of a man with far too many secrets. A grant-writer for the program becomes embroiled in the quest for the boy when his own children reveal that they want him in the project, too -- but not for the same reasons.

A Civics Lesson, written by your fellow troper John Z, may be read here. The novel, while complete, is being released incrementally throughout the majority of 2009. The best way to describe the process is "a Web Comic without pictures". Start reading here. (The site is designed to host multiple novels in sequence, one per year; this is the first.)

Tropes used in A Civics Lesson include:
  • Shy Artist: The writer is in the habit of not promoting anything he does, out of a fear of over-promoting it or creating spam. This page is the rare exception.

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