A Complete Waste of Time

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"In this world there is a thin line between order and chaos. In an ideal world this line would be thicker, but no. This is not the case. In an ideal world, your work would be a complete waste of time. But no, this world is not ideal. There is that ever-present line.

"In this insane world, it is you. You are that line."
Opening Narration, on Lorrex Kobol (aegisMason)

A Complete Waste of Time is an MS Paint Fan Adventure by clandestineTechie, centering on a group of sixteen trolls as they play a game called META. What was originally supposed to be just a simple game session mutates into something very complex and trying on everyone as relationships are made and broken, another set of aliens is discovered, and of course everyone wastes each other's time.

Notable for impressive storytelling and worldbuilding, and for not being just another SBURB playthrough.

The adventure is currently on hiatus, as clandestineTechie is busy with a job and other projects. He has stated that he already knows how the story continues and ends, it just takes time to put it "on paper".

Not to be confused with Pointless Waste of Time.

Tropes used in A Complete Waste of Time include:
  • Absurdly High Stakes Game: META. For starters, it determines players by examining the server player's friends list. If anyone from that list hasn't installed the game within one day after the server starts, they die. This ends up causing a mass Depopulation Bomb of Seconia, as virtually everyone therein is connected to its natural network, and thus is connected to everyone else.
    • While in game, you can accidentally murder your conscience, which leaves you incapable of moral decisions.
    • You better win, or your civilization ceases to ever have existed. Not just destroyed, but removed from history
    • If you do manage to win, your prize a single wish (for anything) and a god to look over your people.
    • This wish can annihilate the universe, defeat gods, or do nothing at all.
    • Players who reach god tier literally become gods.
  • Aerith and Bob: The trolls are for the most part given normal first names (e.g. Rick, Noel, Vera), with a few exceptions (Cerana, Lorrex, Graves). And then there are the ithicans, whose psychenyms include such adjectives as Virulent or Virtuistic.
  • Agent Mulder / Occult Detective: Hans aspires to be one.
  • Alchemy Is Magic: Alchemy plays an important part in the story; the trolls (and two ithicans) are denoted by alchemical symbols, and like in Homestuck combining objects in forging pots creates new objects with the qualities of the components. Then there's GENESIS SHELL, the Ultimate Blacksmith Denizen of Fire.
  • An Axe to Grind: Moira.
  • The Archer: Felis.
  • Arc Number: 35, which is ostensibly the number of pages each character is allotted in their introduction, though it shows up in other places as well.
    • The ithicans concept of time revolves around the number 24
      • Their moon phases are 2*4=8 days long. There are 24 days in a "trilunar gyration". There are 24 TGs in a year, and ithicans survive roughly 24 years.
      • There was also 2 groups of 4 ithicans that played in their session.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Plato's introduction almost directly mentions this trope.

"You exercise your caste's influence to dangerous levels and have been directly responsible for at least thirty-five MURDERS, sixteen ACCIDENTS, and two RATHER JEOPARDOUS ACCOUNTS OF JAYWALKING."

  • Artificial Limbs: Rick's right arm. Also the ithicans, who are born without them and thus must create limbs from plants or metal, although the latter is considered heretical.
  • Author Appeal: clandestineTechie loves peace lilies. He really loves them.
  • Author Avatar: cT shows up in the [?] segments as a fully-dressed ithican (ironically the ithicans themselves have no concept of clothing).
  • Awesomeness Meter: It's not whether you achieve goals in META, but rather how you achieve them.
  • Axe Crazy: Moira, in the doomed alpha timeline.
  • Badass Arm-Fold: Virulent does one here, but questions the badassery of something that requires arms to accomplish.
  • Batman Gambit: Noel tries one to assist in Moira's suicide, since she claimed that if she made it back alive she wouldn't trust anyone anymore. It of course fails since Graves realizes what was happening with her after having a change of heart.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Unified, a wreck of an ithican who just killed Pliable Paeans, goes on a nihilistic rant about how the ithicans are doomed and that they should just die instead of prolonging their "suffering". Just as he plans on killing the other survivors for clinging on to hope, Virtuistic comes out of nowhere and caves in his skull with electricity.
  • Black and White Insanity: Alpha Moira, post-suicide-attempt.
  • Cast Herd: The F.A. Crew (Syd, Joan, Hans, and Gary), who are counterparts to the other sixteen trolls.
  • Character Filibuster: Cerana, in text!
  • Cool Airship: Chad manages to snag one in the Alpha session.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Permanent tries to talk like this to sound hip with the Mizanian dream selves, but it always comes off as odd since he has no idea what those words even mean. He eventually stops.
  • Culture Clash: Ithicans are a peaceful, nature-loving people. Trolls conquer everything in their path.
    • Ithicans are enthralled by the trolls' ability to have arms.
    • Permanent does not understand the troll's strange alien language
    • Cerana teaches the ithicans that are struggling to survive on their troll-desecrated planet the concept of inside vs. outside

"At least while we are all dying we are learning valuable alien concepts for when and if we survive." --Astral


cT (upon observing the drama unfolding on Seconia): Okay, let's see what the ithicans are up to oh boy are they boned. I'm going back underground.