A Day in Dracula's Life

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A Day in Dracula's Life is a Web Original work involving Castlevania's Big Bad, created by Kajetokun/Kajmaster Kajet. Exactly What It Says on the Tin, it chronicles a normal day in the life of Dracula. Can be seen here.

Tropes used in A Day in Dracula's Life include:
  • Affably Evil: Death.
  • Ambiguously Gay: Death.
  • Angrish: Dracula constantly goes into this whenever things get worse for him... which is always. When angered, he rarely makes a coherent sentence. See "Cluster F-Bomb" below.
  • Animated Actors: Possibly suggested by Dracula refusing to deliver his infamously bombastic speech from SotN (he later does say the line, only to put a spin on it at the end). Richter, however, goes charging ahead with his lines, not even listening to Dracula's rant. Dracula spares no time in pointing out that Richter's responses don't even match up to what he's (Dracula) saying.
  • Back from the Dead: Starts with this.
    • Back for the Dead: Lampshaded by Death when Richter comes waltzing in to his throne room and Dracula notes that he's only been alive for maaaaaybe five minutes.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Parodied Trope when Maria comes in and makes Richter invincible.
  • Butt Monkey: Werewolf.
    • Everyone not named Richter Belmont (or Maria Renard), especially Dracula himself.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Used with increasing frequency as Dracula's day gets worse and worse.
    • Really, it's more of a Cluster GD Bomb.
  • Curb Stomp Battle: Really, really, really played with.
  • Degraded Boss: Werewolf's punishment for losing to Richter.

Death: "Dracula! Belmont just took down Werewolf.
Dracula: "FUCKING USELESS-ASS WEREWOLF! I pay that bitch so much money to take down Belmont--TH-THAT'S IT! He just lost his boss status; HE'S NOW A NORMAL-ASS ENEMY! Just like all those axe armors!"

Dracula: (*spits tea*) "A BELMONT IN THE CASTLE?!"

  • Shout-Out: This is from the same person who made The Balls Are Inert YouTube Poop. Dracula accidentally (or not considering how much he hates Belmonts) calls him a BALLmont.
  • Shut UP, Hannibal: Lampshaded: "You're not even listening to me, are you? Oh my God!" That's what happens when any Belmont has a one-track mind.
    • Taken further in BBH MUGEN: Dracula vs. Richter (see below), where, upon being asked the question, Richter is seen shaking his head "no" to Dracula's question.
  • This Cannot Be!: Played with; due to how one sided the fight was, Dracula says it sarcastically, but his real last words are calling Richter a "fucking ass" again.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Richter Belmont, who just insists on spamming Hydro Storm, even when Dracula clearly charges at him in heavy anger.
  • Trademark Favorite Food

Death: "I made your favorite! Pot Roast!"
Dracula: "Oh, boy! POT ROAST! That just so happens to be the feast in which I have the most delight in feasting upon!"

Dracula: "Dammit Belmont, how many hearts do you have?!" [1]

Since there are several spin-offs, here's a character comparison table:

A Day in Dracula's Life / Dracula's Day (Castlevania) Dracula Death Richter Belmont Werewolf Succubus Maria Renard Axe Armor
Shademan has Tourettes (Mega Man NT Warrior) Shade Man Killer Man Mega Man Beast Man N/A Roll N/A
A Day in Meta Knight's Life (Super Smash Bros..) Meta Knight Snake Pit Wario Marth Yellow Pikmin Ganondorf
A Day in the Life of Shadow Lord (Final Fantasy XI) Shadow Lord Archlich Taber'Quoan Player Black Dragon N/A Titan N/A
BBH MUGEN: Dracula vs Richter (MUGEN) Dracula Jedah Dohma Richter Belmont Jon Talbain Morrigan Ingrid Axe Armor
  1. At least 270, considering how many times Hydro Storm was used.